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The Anatomy of the Modern Home

When I was a kid, I thought for sure that we'd all be driving flying cars by the time I was 40. I'm 48 years old now, and I know there would always be the "die-hards" that would still drive cars with... tires, but I thought there would be multi-tiered highways hundreds of feet above the ground with anti gravity vehicles zipping around with ease. I'm still waiting for that day.

It's similar to the advent of smartphone. Sure, people still use Blackberry's and flip phones, but the vast majority of the population have allowed smartphones and smart-devices to thoroughly infiltrate our human existence. Yes, there are people that still use Blackberry's and flip phones, but the vast majority use very capable smart phones. 

For residential technology today 65" 4K TV's are becoming the norm. Smart TV's, Netflix, Pandora, are now a standard part of the world lexicon now. To most people that's their extent of their modern technology knowledge.

When it come to technology, that's where I come along. I have 23 years of in the field experience in the High End Custom Audio/Video Industry. I have seen a world were Stereo 4 Head VCR's were being sold in stores for $500, and that's if you were a mere AV enjoying mortal. If you were "In the know" you had a Laser Disc Player which was vastly superior to VHS and those players averaged close to $1000.00. Back then, TV's were considered huge if you had a 36" tube television, or if you had big money and purchased a new technology called "Rear Projection TV's"  

Technology has moved greatly in just the past 5 years. And i have now taken on the task to inform the public on the great features that aren't just coming down the pipeline, but are available now. It will have several editions, and will be broken down by category. Some of you may know about some things I will be talking about, a good portion of you will have never heard of. I'm not going to just talk about Audio/Video, TV's and such. I will be informing you on what today's technology can do for almost every aspect of your life In and away from your home.

Modern Lifestyles Options

Modern Home Electronics today are very sophisticated and compared to just 10 years ago, dirt cheap.